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"A lithe and precise mime" (Scotsman)

Claire Parry is a multi-disciplinary theatre maker, writer and musician based in London. Following her degree in History and a glamorous stint in admin, she took a hard left across the channel to train in physical theatre at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She has a particular penchant for the absurd and is keen to investigate how comedy can highlight tragedy in her theatrical work. As a trained musician, she also composes and devises original music and is looking for ever inventive ways to approach theatre, comedy and music from an interdisciplinary platform. 

Her debut one-woman show Intolerable Side Effects went down as "a hilarious take on one of the most stark issues in the lives of modern women" ( **** Wee Review)
Watch this space for future touring and spreading of the #contraceptionrevolution. Pandemic, you may have hindered the revolution but you will NEVER STOP IT!!

Next up: Boorish Trumpson. Join Boorish to Make Music Great Again at exciting dates TBA
As a performer, Claire is represented by Carey Dodd Associates

Alongside her theatrical work, Claire is an educator, leading choir workshops, theatre workshops and communication training, as well as offering one to one academic tutoring and mentoring.




Claire likes to keep her fingers in all the pies. She regularly works as a Movement Director and Director for The Three Inch Fools' raucous multi-rolling/multi-instrumental take on Shakespeare, with whom she started off as a performer. She is expanding her directorial work as a member of The Young Vic Directors Network and particularly loves a collaborative and devising filled approach to making theatre (and not just in a traditional old building). She has also worked as Musical Director with the Farnham Maltings, Eastern Angles and Stumble Trip Theatre, has collaborated with Lecoq-trained company BricaBrac and has written, directed, performed and composed for the Lecoq-trained company HOKA, whose debut creation Cache Cache is currently in redevelopment to be performed in Paris 2021. She has also added puppeteering to the list, playing the voice and head of ROBOX in Fulfilment by Sharklegs.

As a musician, voice and violin is where you'll hear her best notes, although she's been known to dabble on a smorgasbord of other instruments. Some of her musical output can be heard here

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Claire likes clowning around. She's also dabbling with stand up comedy and words to go with the physical stuff.

Latest comedy project: UBGE - Unpaid But Great Exposure comedy interview series to get up-and-coming comedians Exposed and Unpaid in a living room gig near you. 

Claire was involved in sketch comedy during her time at Oxford and loved playing with clowning and the absurd during her time training at Jacques Lecoq. She has since been a participant of The North Wall Oxford's ArtsLab program, Comedy Troll, where she wrote, workshopped and produced various types of comedy under the direction of John Hoggarth and the team.

She also writes poetry and short stories, one of which has been featured by the wonderful Streetcake magazine in their 2020 anthology


After training as an animateur for The London Bach Choir's outreach program, Claire worked with The Arts Revolution to create an exciting new programme of choral workshops for primary school students. She has also worked with The Three Inch Fools to create workshops investigating a multidisciplinary approach to Shakespeare, blending physical theatre techniques, multi-rolling and the devising of original music, as well as running physical theatre workshops with her company HOKA.

Claire wants to be a part of making theatre accessible and exciting for all and is a now a member of the Masterclass Youth Board and an Associate of Living Pictures for whom she facilitates the Directors Book Group - check them out for some brilliant training opportunities.

Claire also offers communication training and tutoring/mentoring.

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A one-female-rabbit-clown-show-about-contraception.

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★★★★ The List ★★★★ The Wee Review
★★★★ Feminist Fringe Review
 Highly Recommended FringeReview

Diane is a millennial rabbit. She's keen to find love but she's not keen to have a litter. At the GUM clinic she's advised to take 'Celery' as a form of 'Vegetation Separation'. But Celery causes some bizarre and unpleasant side effects, hindering her dating and sex-life significantly more than it helps. Join Diane as she generously and hilariously shares her trials and tribulations, from dating to female grooming to contraception - but will there ever be a revolution?

Intolerable Side Effects is an absurd, comic and poignant exploration of the darker side of contraception through the eyes (and ears) of the inimitable Diane.

"For a piece to have such a profound effect on this hardened theatre critic's political stance, and for it to simultaneously provide such a stream of delightful belly-chuckles, it must be doing something right." (FringeReview)

'Claire Parry is a standout' (

Watch this space for future performances. 


Claire is keen to promote discussions around contraception, sexual health and mental health among audiences and the wider community. The links between the effects of hormonal contraception and mental health should also be considered carefully and addressed accordingly since so many women suffer from negative side effects. Alongside her show, Claire is therefore also offering workshops to young people at the age of considering contraceptive methods to explore how they can approach and communicate on questions of sexual health and consent and consider carefully what choices are available to them. Claire is able to adapt workshops according to the needs of the group; please get in contact if you would like to discuss holding a workshop in your school or community.

In the meantime, there is an AWESOME contraception comparison website, The Lowdown, here.

And there is now a trial for a male hormonal contraceptive gel - that's exciting! Start your internet rabbit hole into the matter here.

P.S. Why is there a hormonal contraceptive for squirrels before men?



An interactive clowning and music filled interrogation of power.
Be there. Be played with.
You are the orchestra.

"phenomenal performance" Chortle

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